The National Miniature Horse Society New Zealand Inc. 1993


The Society was formed in April 1990, by a group of seven dedicated people on behalf of all Miniature Horses, and Incorporated in 1993.

The aim is to promote the New Zealand Miniature Horse by providing informative training days, running public displays, and holding Ribbon Days and Shows.

The Society runs a permanent Miniature Horse Registry which will continue to perpetuate the well-being of all Miniature Horses. The Registry also provides an International section for imported miniature horses and their descendants.

We have a Newsletter going nation-wide to members who contribute a wide variety of tales, articles and experiences.

The Society also has a Hi-Points Trophy Competition for members and an Annual Prize Giving, where Trophies are awarded to Members with regional and Nationwide awards.


The Society Runs: Three Annual Shows,

The North Island Championship Show.

The Grand National Championship Show

South Island Championship Show


We affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand Inc. {RAS} on the 11th of October 2006.  As such all National Miniature Horse Society of NZ registered horses are eligible to show at A & P Shows.


In 2017 we added a new Class D for the American Miniature Shetland to have its own show classes up to 38 inches


                                                    OBJECTIVES OF THE NMHSNZ Inc

a.   To promote the breeding and well-being of all miniature horses in New Zealand


b.   To compile and publish a registry of New Zealand Miniature Horses.


c.   To promote the proficiency and understanding of horse mastership .


d.   To provide information, literature, education and instruction in all matters concerning Miniature Horses.


e.   To assist all members in obtaining maximum enjoyment and benefit from the Miniature Horse.


f.   To cultivate and promote courtesy , self-discipline and responsibility in all matters equestrian.


g.   To provide competition and activities for our members and the Miniature Horse.

National  Miniature  Horse  Society of New Zealand Inc.

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